Mécanique du Plateau specialises in mechanical systems (design, high quality manufacture…) for all spheres of activity.

We support you throughout the whole process, from the choice of the material to the design, through the manufacturing process (forging, turning, milling, surface treatment) and the final quality control. Our teams offer you a complete solution to answer all your needs. We also support you in your thinking upstream (writing specifications…) advising you to find the appropriate solution, already during the part design phase.

A pool of modern, high performing machines.

Thanks to our policy of continuous investment, we have on our 700 square metres production site, a diversified and very high-calibre range of modern CNC machines.
We can produce parts for small and medium-scale runs. It consists of the following main equipments :

  • CNC-operated turning machine
  • 2-axis machining center
    Multi-axes machining using 2 spindles + barloader
    2* 5-axis simultaneous machine
  • CNC-operated milling tool
  • 3,4 and 5-axis machining center
  • Assembly workshop
  • Mechanical installation of assemblies and sub-assemblies
    Test benches